The Unique Role of Praying Women

The Unique Role of Praying Women

While every believer has the invitation from God to pray without ceasing (1 Thes. 5:17), is there a unique role to this praying lifestyle for women?

Since the first woman in creation, Eve, to God’s amazing creation of you, God uniquely designed women with a tendency to fulfill relational roles, as we see God making Eve a helpmate to Adam and a mother to her children.  Because of God’s design, women have a gift for supporting others, to be nurturing people, whether or not they have a husband or child.

Being designed with a nurturing disposition, you’re likely to pray in a nurturing way, whether conscious of it or not, and praying in a nurturing fashion is good – because it will help meet the needs of people in your circle.

Now, consider for whom you pray – the people in your circle:  your husband, your children, your extended family, your friends, church, co-workers, etc.  You are uniquely positioned to pray for them and you may be one of the few, if not the only person praying for the people in your world, and this makes your prayers very important.  In Isaaih 59:16, God wondered that He did not find one person to intercede among His people, but may that not be true of you.  May you dedicate yourself to praying for your world, without ceasing.  So, how can you pray?

If you look at Jesus’ prayer not long before he died, he prayed that the disciples and the coming disciples (you) would be sanctified in truth, in God’s Word (John 17:17) .  So using God’s Word to pray petitions God to bring sanctification to the believer and invites God’s truth into the life of the unbeliever.  While extemporaneous prayer is obviously used throughout the Bible, praying God’s Word on behalf of another is uniquely powerful and important, and you can’t go wrong praying sanctification by using God’s Word if sanctification was Jesus’ petition for the Christian!

To pray in an organized fashion, it may be useful to put together a prayer notebook or journal in which you list all the people you would like to pray for each day of the week and list scripture you believe is appropriate to pray on their behalf.  Attached is a prayer guide suggestion I hope you find helpful as you develop a praying lifestyle.  You can punch a hole in the top of each page and use a binder ring to attach the pages.  dailyprayerguide

I hope you consider your unique role as a woman among the people in your life and the unique lens through which you can pray for them without ceasing.  Will you pray with me?