A + B = I Hate the Homosexual (True or False)

A + B = I Hate the Homosexual (True or False)

If I believe stealing is immoral, does that automatically mean I hate thieves? No. If I believe breaking the Ten Commandments is or should be immoral, does that mean I hate people who break the Ten Commandments? Of course not; that would also mean I hate all people, including myself – and I don’t.

A common argument from the homosexual movement is that people who disagree with them hate them. Is that logically true? No. Could some who opposes the homosexual movement hate the homosexual? Yes. Do all people who disagree with the homosexual hate the homosexual? Of course not. I find such an argument to be a petty argument to incite sympathy…you don’t like what I’m doing so it has to mean you hate me. There must be a better argument than that. The idea of Equal Rights sounds a little better, but still doesn’t fit the bill. Anyone?

Pederasty (man/boy sex): Next in America? Christians May Say, Okay

Pederasty (man/boy sex): Next in America? Christians May Say, Okay

With the new U.S. education standards known as the “Common Core” soon to influence the sexual orientation of the children in public schools, the recent overturning of the courts to make homosexual marriage legal in Oregon and Pennsylvania, as well as the press coverage of the homosexual kiss from NFL player Michael Sam, news anchor Anderson Cooper revealing his sexual orientations, etc, etc, etc, the homosexual movement is making great strides. While the movement has made great strides throughout the last decade, the momentum is growing to quite a pinnacle with more to come.

With so many homosexual related headlines, I have thought I would hear buzz among people in general, if not among conservatives or Christians about the significant changes going on in our society.  Significant changes happening in our lifetime. That hasn’t been the case, at least in my experience, and I’ve asked around. From the silence I gather that people in general, conservatives, even Christians, are more okay with the homosexual strides being made, than not okay with them.  If monkeys were about to gain the right for citizenship, would that not be discussed among the average Joe?  There is too little opposition to the homosexual movement, and so this will be our country.

No matter the temperature towards homosexuality among the pop culture, conservatives, or Christians…I still still plug on and ask whomever may read this article to reflect on a thought.

Just because the majority of a society, even a democratic republic such as the USA, believes certain practices should be morally acceptable and legally supported – such as homosexual practice and homosexual rights, is that reason enough to make it so? Pederasty was a normal practice in ancient Greece; does that mean their country collectively made the right choice to make it normal?

“In their (ancient Greeks) eyes, it was not despicable when a married man had affairs with boys…” (Hein van Dolen from Greek Homosexuality). See http://www.athensinfoguide.com/gayboylove.htm for more on this common practice.

Who decides the measuring line for socially acceptable behavior and legal rights? Please tell me so I know who’s movement will be next in the headlines. Those who want to practice pederasty? Anyone…conservatives, Christians – to this would you speak out?

Christian, are you sexually frustrated? How about you, non-Christian?

Christian, are you sexually frustrated? How about you, non-Christian?

Anyone sexually frustrated because your sexual desire is not a) morally and socially acceptable or b) not legal? Feel free to borrow the argument below:

An unmarried person desires to have sex with another. Choosing to do so results in sexual immorality.
A married person desires to have sex with someone other than their spouse. Choosing to do so results in adultery.
A family member desires to have sex with another family member. Choosing to do so results in incest.
An adult desires to have sex with a child. Choosing to do so results in pedophilia.
A person desires to have sex with an animal. Choosing to do so results in bestiality.
A member of one sex desires to have, well they can’t have intercourse because it’s not naturally possible, but desires to have sexual relations with someone of the same sex. Choosing to do so results in homosexuality.

Common words throughout all instances listed above: desire and choice. There is a desire to have sex. There is a choice to do it or not.

America is now giving moral, social and legal rights to the homosexual that are equal to the heterosexual. If America wants equal rights for the homosexual, then the sexually immoral, adulterer, incestuous person, pedophile, and those who practice bestiality must become morally and socially acceptable, and if need be, legally equal to all other sexual orientations. Doesn’t America want fairness and equality, not just for the homosexual, but for all people who are born with the desire to have various sexual relations?

Are homosexual rights an issue of fairness and equality?  Are they unalienable?  I say not.  Civil rights are an issue of inherent skin color.   One may be born with black skin or white skin – but they have no choice in the matter.  One may be born with a human nature having a tendency towards homosexual desire, as well as other sexual desires listed above, but they have a choice as to whether or not they act on the matter.  ‘

No matter how strong the desire towards any behavior, Jesus’ blood is more powerful than our tendency.   John 8:36 Romans 8.