Learning About Disenchanted Christians in 2019

Learning About Disenchanted Christians in 2019

I don’t have a lot of time to write the following at my best, but I wanted to string together a few thoughts before the day is done.

Anyone who knows me well knows it’s in my DNA to peel the onion…sometimes peeling back layers for a lengthy period of time, and today I’ve been lead to a prominant source from which I’ve started to peel back layers to understand some contemporary Christian teaching many disenchanted Christians are embracing.  This is somewhat new to me…not so new to many others.

I am sooo grateful to have married an evangelical pastor with a seminary education, with 20 plus years of theology study, and with church experience in both a liberal denomination and not, to help me understand some ideas disenchanted Christians are embracing. I am grateful for Brett’s wisdom. I’m grateful for pastors who have dedicated their life to the study of the Bible and for helping others understand it.

My personal prayer is that all believers and seekers not only go to the Bible for truth (hiss…some Christians would respond), but obey it. In that obedience you will experience the Lord you seek. (John 14:21, I hope you look up the verse). If you’re disenchanted with anything to do with the church…I pray you focus on your obedience to scripture (using responsible hermenuetics)…do that for a long time…and see what happens. If you do not experience the Lord in a way that brings you life and wholeness, it may be that you do not know Him and have only good intentions. That was me until I was 19 years old. My lack of honest experience with the Lord helped me realize my lack of having met with Him in “person” as we say. An elderly woman shared the same experience with my husband just months before she died. She told him she now went around the church asking people if they really knew Jesus, even if they thought her strange…because she was aware of the difference of knowledge of Jesus and true meeting of the Savior.

This is a bit of rambling, but for whoever may find this interesting, I want to say that while many in the church are attempting to dismiss parts of the Bible to make it more palatable to their understanding, I wanted to share and encourage you towards belief and obedience in the word of truth, God’s word (John 17:17).  Man cannot explain all of chemistry, geology, astronomy, biology, and physics…sociology and more…and neither can we understand all of the Bible this side of heaven.  That’s a part of accepting that God is bigger than us and that it requires us to have faith in His Word.  I pray you read and obey it today.

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